Real Talk in Financial Services:
Trends and Tools for Faster Risk Assessment and Scenario Analysis

Date: July 19, 2018

Time: On Demand

The risk landscape in investment management is changing quickly. Dominated by mobile devices and social media in today’s hyper-connected world information can spread like wildfire. The convergence of mobile and social media is intensifying the impact of global financial and political risks for organizations and is driving them to rethink their approaches to risk management.

In this webcast, Jim Houghton, Managing Director, Financial Services, USEReady, and Rashmi Shettigar, Business Intelligence Analyst, USEReady, will discuss risk scenario analysis trends, tools and use cases driving time to value for Financial Institutions.

In Partnership with:

  • Jim Houghton

    Managing Director, Financial Services

  • Rashmi Shettigar

    Business Intelligence Analyst