Join us for our latest Real Talk session on Financial Services where we’ll discuss the demand for new and better data analytics – beyond traditional data sources – including:

  • Automating and achieving speed-to-value with alternative data sources
  • Driving a competitive edge in banking and financial services with alternative data
  • The truth about buying and selling alternative data sources
  • Is alternative data the new answer for risk management?

About our presenters: 

Matthew Glickman
VP of Customer and Product Strategy
Snowflake Computing

Matt is an industry leader in enterprise data platforms. For over 20 years, he led the development of business-critical analytics platforms at Goldman Sachs. As a Managing Director, he was responsible for the entire data platform supporting Goldman’s $1 trillion asset management business.

Matt co-led Goldman’s risk management platform where his team built Goldman’s first company-wide data warehouse that was instrumental in helping them navigate the 2008 financial crisis.