With a plethora of choices across many eCommerce and marketplaces, customers often find themselves struggling to discover products that truly match their unique style and needs while shopping online. The overwhelming choices can lead to a frustrating experience, where personal taste is lost in the maze of endless options. 

This demo showcases how to use Snowflake to develop an advanced personalization solution. We will walk through how to use Snowpark to abstract image embeddings through a Deep Learning model trained with transfer learning and build a custom AI model combining image embeddings, customer profile data, and clickstream data to optimize customer experience with personalized recommendations.

  • Kelly Xu

    Senior Product Marketing Manager, Industry Solutions

  • Nidhi DeSutter

    Senior Manager, Sales Engineer
    Snowflake Retail/CG West

  • Jen Prusa

    Data Scientist, Polaris Industry Solutions
    Snowflake Field CTO