Learn how to build data applications in the Snowflake Data Cloud. Join Daniel Myers, Snowflake Developer Relations Manager, at a live demo where he will showcase key Snowflake features for developers and answer questions from the audience.

In this demo, Myers will show how to build applications that ingest streaming event data in JSON format directly into a relational table where it can be immediately queried without the need for transformations. This capability simplifies data pipelines and reduces time to insight for data applications. The demo will auto-ingest streaming data from Twitter with Snowpipe, using a Docker image with a Python application that listens for and saves live tweets. The tweets are uploaded into Snowflake using AWS S3 as a file stage.

The core topics covered in this demo include:

  • Data Loading: Load Twitter streaming data in an event-driven, real-time fashion into Snowflake with Snowpipe
  • Semi-structured data: Query semi-structured data (JSON) without needing transformations
  • Secure Views: Create a Secure View to allow data analysts to query the data
  • Snowpipe: Overview and configurations
  • Daniel Myers

    Developer Relations Manager, Snowflake