Habu, a Powered by Snowflake partner, is a global innovator in data clean room software which enables data collaboration between Snowflake customers without moving or copying data, while retaining security and privacy requirements. Top brands such as Disney and Kroger 84.51° are leveraging Snowflake and Habu to unlock new advertising insights. 

As privacy regulations evolve and consumer behavior continues to rapidly change, it is increasingly difficult for organizations to achieve data-driven marketing. Data clean rooms present an opportunity to collaborate safely and uncover actionable insights to drive growth. 

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why Habu powers their application on Snowflake to deliver a seamless and privacy-preserving experience to customers. 
  • How to leverage Habu and Snowflake together to automate and scale data clean rooms
  • How no-code and low-code features support a spectrum of analysis that serves both business users and advanced data science teams
  • How customers are using Habu and Snowflake together for use cases including data enrichment, measurement, and advanced segmentation 

About Habu

Habu is a global innovator in data clean room software, enabling companies to benefit from the value of data without the risk. Habu connects data internally and externally with other departments, partners, customers, and providers in privacy safe and compliant ways for better collaboration, improved decision making, and business growth. For more information on Habu Data Collaboration solutions visit www.habu.com

  • Tousanna Durgan

    Head of Solution Engineering - Habu

  • Ravi Kumar

    Senior Partner Sales Engineer - Snowflake