Rudderstack, a Powered by Snowflake partner, is one of the fastest growing Customer Data Platforms. Delivered as a connected application, Rudderstack runs directly on top of their customer’s data platforms, giving customers complete control of their data, keeping it centralized in a single platform, and reducing costs.

Join this session for a live demo of Rudderstack. In the demo Rudderstack and Snowflake product experts will walk through: 

  • How to use Rudderstack to manage event streams, cloud extracts, and reverse ETL 
  • Why a connected application deployment helps improve security and enables you to get more value out of your data
  • How developers and marketers are using Rudderstack to capture a complete view of customer engagement and the customer lifecycle. 


About Rudderstack

RudderStack enables you to collect, transform, and activate your customer data across your stack, leveraging your cloud data warehouse as the central source of truth.

With RudderStack you can collect data once and send it across your entire stack, unlocking powerful use-cases regardless of your data maturity level – whether you’re looking to build a unified customer profile for BI or looking to generate product recommendations based on predictive models.

  • Eric Hwang

    Senior Solutions Engineer, Rudderstack

  • Luke Ambrosetti

    Partner Sales Engineer, Snowflake

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