Telecom operators are always under pressure to decrease churn and increase revenues whilst also improving customer experience. This can be a difficult balance when operators need to act increasingly quickly just to keep up with market demand, the rapid progress of 5G, and the internetisation of telco infrastructure and convergent services.

One asset that telecoms operators have in abundance is data. Data can provide the answers to the three main KPIs of churn, revenue, and NPS. But, many telecom operators are not experiencing the full competitive advantage of their data because they are unable to manage and process the large volumes of data coming from many different sources. 



Watch this live demo to learn how Snowflake can help Telco operators:

  • Quickly and easily process and analyse structured and semi-structured data
  • Visualise the data to gain descriptive analytical insights around churn such as plan and network utilisation
  • Gain further insights into device penetration to help plan network decommissioning using Snowflake’s data sharing capability
  • Create a foundation to support predictive analytics from machine learning
  • Give real-time access to your data in a secure and governed way across your teams and operating companies
  • Tim Parish

    Senior Sales Engineer, Snowflake

  • James Hunt

    Senior Sales Engineer, Snowflake