High-throughput sequencing technologies have revolutionized the scale, scope, and accessibility of genomic data available for population studies, clinical trials, and personalized medicine. Traditionally analyzing and securely sharing data sets such as these created a  challenge for life sciences organizations, but Snowflake enables analysts and business leaders alike to introduce genomic data and insights into the broader enterprise. 

This 30-Minute webinar and demo is based on real-world public data and will cover: 

  • Why Snowflake’s Data Cloud is uniquely positioned to handle large-scale genomic analytics
  • How Snowflake supports exploration of individual-level genome variants from the 1000 Genomes Project
  • Analysis of gene expression data from nearly 1 million immune cells from the Human Cell Atlas 

Watch to learn more about the genomic analytics capabilities of the Data Cloud.

  • Stuart Ozer

    Head of SnowCAT, Snowflake