Liberating data from institutional silos is a fundamental struggle for many healthcare and life sciences organizations, holding them back from delivering the products, services, and care their patients and customers need. 

Watch our demo as we look at three scenarios of how different stakeholders in the healthcare value chain can collaborate on data in the interest of delivering better outcomes for patients and reducing costs. 

This session focuses on a clinical trial example to explore how pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, health systems, and payers can take advantage of the Data Cloud’s speed and agility to drive better outcomes for their patients, customers, and businesses. This demo will showcase: 

  • How the Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud connects organizations across the healthcare and life sciences communities to drive near real-time data collaboration  
  • How Snowflake’s unique platform capabilities simplify and accelerate the delivery of insights in the context of a clinical trial setting
  • How providers and payers can deliver holistic care for patients by efficiently sharing data 
  • How Snowflake Marketplace helps healthcare and life sciences organizations seamlessly acquire and leverage third-party data 
  • William Van Hout Jr.

    Regional Manager, Sales Engineering, Snowflake

  • Todd Crosslin

    Global Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences

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