The healthcare landscape is rapidly evolving with new complexities into traditional patient journeys with the emergence of technologies such as AI, ML, Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G networks, telemedicine and remote patient monitoring. At the same time, patients expect the same caliber of digital experiences from healthcare as other consumer-focused brands. As a result, healthcare organizations are accelerating their digital operations and care delivery to provide better patient experiences and personalized care journeys.

In order to achieve new opportunities for timely proactive care and a more robust personalized patient journey, the NTT DATA solution is underpinned with the concept of digital patient twins (defined as virtual representations of patients) that are generated on the Snowflake Healthcare and Life Sciences Data Cloud using multimodal patient data, population data, and social data, using real-time updates on patient and environment variables.

Join Murali Gandhirajan, Industry Field CTO for Healthcare at Snowflake, Joe Warbington, Industry Principal for Healthcare at Snowflake, and Paul Jordan, Industry Consulting Senior Manager at NTT DATA, to hear about how we enable a more effective patient journey by assisting healthcare providers to:

  • Identify and resolve bottlenecks in their patient care journeys
  • Accelerate the learning using AI/ML models with the power of Snowflake’s platform already in use at some of the largest healthcare companies
  • Deliver improved and personalized patient treatments
  • Murali Gandhirajan

    Industry Field CTO, Healthcare & Life Sciences,

  • Joe Warbington

    Industry Principal, Healthcare,

  • Paul Jordan

    Industry Consulting Senior Manager, NTT DATA

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