Modern analytical workloads often call for complex transformations or augmentations that require using custom code or third-party services. Using external services and libraries, however, often complicates data pipelines. To simplify using remote services, Snowflake created an External Functions feature that enables users to invoke external APIs and custom code from within Snowflake and blend the results into their query results. 

Customers can use external functions in geocoding, machine learning scoring, external tokenization, and a variety of additional use cases. In February, Snowflake announced general availability of external functions for AWS API Gateway and Microsoft Azure API Management. 

Join our live demo session to learn how you can leverage external functions to expand your use cases. You’ll also learn:

  • The benefits of Snowflake’s extensibility features
  • How to use Snowflake’s external functions to bring in third-party code, services, and machine learning scoring
  • How to get started with a real-world demo on web traffic analysis

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