Snowpark is a new developer experience that allows you to write Snowflake code in your preferred way and execute it directly within Snowflake. The Snowpark API opens up a new programming model for Snowflake and, together with the new Java Functions feature, it expands the possibilities for data transformation and analysis. 

In this demo session, we’ll explore how these new features can help you enable data engineering, data science, and data apps in Snowflake with programmability and extensibility. And you’ll see many exciting features in the Snowflake roadmap and explore the scenarios they’ll unlock. 

Join our live demo session to learn how you can leverage Snowpark and Java functions to expand your use cases. You will:

  • Learn about Snowpark and Java functions and how they work
  • Discover use cases and data scenarios they unlock 
  • See what’s coming in the Snowflake roadmap on extensibility features
  • See these features in action through demos
  • Isaac Kunen

    Senior Product Manager at Snowflake