Pharma executives say supply chain risk is a significant reason for their companies’ susceptibility to disruption, according to a recent McKinsey Global Institute survey. Nearly 50% of respondents cite sole sourcing of inputs as a critical vulnerability, and 25% point to a lack of visibility into supplier risks. Improved supply chain visibility enables pharmaceutical companies to achieve more sourcing, manufacturing, and transport management, allowing them to anticipate disruptions before they occur and swiftly respond. Supply chain visibility also enables companies to be more reliable and cost-effective.

Tune into this demo to learn:

  • How you can increase visibility and mitigate risk in your overall supply chain with the Snowflake Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud
  • Data and analytics solution architecture that combines Snowflake Marketplace providers’ supply chain data and first-party data to identify potential disruptions
  • How to power supply chain agility and reduce revenue loss by gaining visibility with existing suppliers as well as finding new alternate suppliers
  • How to deploy ML models in Snowpark to predict product demand that enables more proactive supply chain planning

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  • Murali Gandhirajan

    Industry Field CTO, Healthcare

  • Susan Devitt

    Solutions Engineer - Industry Solutions Development

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