In today’s fast-paced insurance market, providers are finding their underwriting workflows inefficient and costly with brokers and policyholders expecting quicker turnaround times and personalized pricing.

Snowflakes Marketplace offers hundreds of free and subscription-based datasets from partners like CARTO, who provide location intelligence that can be crucial to businesses. In fact, many of the leading insurance providers are defining coverage costs and pricing, adjusting coverages, and targeting regional potential customers with insights into properties at risk from weather and wildfire events using Snowflake workflows and Marketplace data.

Watch this Snowflake demo to learn: 

  • How CARTO + Snowflake improves actuarial analysis and risk assessment workflows
  • Why location data intelligence gives insurance companies a competitive advantage in identifying risk
  • How to enrich insurance business transactions with the use of fast geospatial joins
  • Bryan Lenker

    Industry Field CTO, Financial Services,Snowflake

  • Carlos Carrero

    Geospatial Advocate, CARTO

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