Perhaps the most widespread effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on Americans’ everyday life was the need or requirement to work from home effectively and efficiently. For many federal employees, remote work is nothing new. For others, it required a significant change to how they accomplish their tasks. 

With states and cities implementing a phased approach for reopening offices and businesses, a big question for federal managers will be, “Where are my people and do they have what they need?”

Snowflake and Active Cyber invite you to join us for a webinar, “Planning for the Workforce Return During COVID-19.” 

Snowflake Cloud Data Platform, combined with Active Cybers Workday Adaptive Planning, provides the ability to easily access, analyze, and report relevant data to plan for your agency’s return to the office. 

Who should attend?

  • C-level executives interested in self-serve data
  • HR executives
  • Office managers

Register today to reserve your spot for this informative session and live demonstration. Questions? Email us at


  • Tony Cossa

    Public Sector Chief Technology Officer, Snowflake

  • Joseph Denk

    Principal Lead, Planning & Analytics, Active Cyber