Snowflake and PurpleCube AI, the industry’s first GenAI embedded, unified data orchestration platform announced a groundbreaking strategic partnership. This alliance empowers businesses to drive data-driven innovation at unprecedented speed and scale.

The combined expertise of PurpleCube AI and Snowflake unlocks exciting possibilities:

  • Streamlined Data Orchestration: PurpleCube AI leverages Snowflake as a processing engine for push-down ETL workloads, enabling organizations to achieve data warehouse automation at scale.
  • Advanced Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA): Data engineers can conduct EDA with multi-dimensional charting solutions, leveraging Snowpark, the Snowflake data lake, and big data output for deeper exploration.
  • Data Quality for Superior ML Feature Preparation: PurpleCube AI offers a diverse set of built-in data quality rules, allowing ML engineers to prepare feature sets for the highest accuracy in machine learning algorithms.
  • Democratizing Data Access with English Language Queries: Business and non-technical users can now query and analyze data in plain English using PurpleCube AI’s capabilities alongside Snowflake’s data lake, Snowpark, and native SQL functionalities.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Witness how PurpleCube AI leverages generative AI (GenAI) to revolutionize data engineering.
  • Experience a live demo showcasing the seamless connection between PurpleCube AI and Snowflake’s powerful LLM functions.
  • Discover advanced EDA techniques to extract hidden knowledge from your data.
  • Learn how to improve the quality and accuracy of your machine-learning models.
  • Explore the exciting advantages for existing and future customers of both Snowflake and PurpleCube AI.


  • Omar Fathallah

    Sr. Partner Sales Engineer, Snowflake META

  • Kaushal Rajvir

    Chief Technology Officer, PurpleCube AI

  • Kirsten Kopke

    Product Marketing Manager, PurpleCube AI

  • Richard Monk

    Channel & Alliances EMEA, PurpleCube AI

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