Snowflake and Innovaccer welcome you to join us for our latest webinar where healthcare experts from the Middle East region will come together and discuss the steps to enable a unified, data-driven approach to value-based healthcare, and accelerate the digital transformation of the healthcare ecosystem.

Over the past decade, there has been an unprecedented rise in the use of healthcare data to try and deliver higher-quality care outcomes. But while there are many ways to pull data from disparate sources, the question remains – how can we leverage data to increase the value of healthcare services, drive patient-centered outcomes, and lower the cost of care?

Aggregating health data is just the first of several essential steps to driving a digital and care transformation journey. With an increasing focus on value-based healthcare delivery, understanding how to go beyond mere aggregation to true data activation and insights-driven decision making is crucial to accelerating success.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How Middle Eastern healthcare organizations can strengthen their data, analytics, and decision-making capabilities with innovative cloud-based digital technologies
  • Data centric approach to transform healthcare and enablement of value based care
  • The benefits of transitioning to a value-based healthcare model and how it can help you drive high-quality, patient-centered care while reducing costs
  • How Snowflake and Innovaccer are helping healthcare organizations drive better clinical, operational, and financial outcomes by tapping the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning


With our partner:


  • Mohammed Khodr

    Sales Director, Snowflake META

  • Rizwan Tufail

    Chief Data Officer, Purehealth

  • Akhter Hemayoun Mubarki

    Associate Vice President, Innovaccer ME

  • Nilanjana Bhattacharyya

    Senior Director Product Strategy, Innovaccer

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