Commercial engagement has changed significantly over the past few years, prompting life sciences companies to rethink their commercial data strategies with regard to measuring the efficiency of their field teams. 

Join this demo to learn how Snowflake and Sigma can help drive field force effectiveness by empowering your commercial operations team. 

During this 30-minute session you can:

  • See Snowflake and Sigma’s capabilities in action
  • Learn from Snowflake engineering experts as they discuss how to enable efficient, near real-time reporting insights 
  • Learn how Snowflake provides an end-to-end platform that brings together ingestion, transformation, and insight generation that will scale to your entire commercial organization and can power next-best-action recommendations for sales


  • James Anderson

    Senior Sales Engineering Manager, Snowflake

  • Natalie Nick

    Senior Sales Engineer - Life Sciences, Snowflake