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Snowflake Best Practices

This webinar session will cover best practices for applying these five key Snowflake concepts: virtual warehouse management, cost management, network security policies, user authentication, role management.

10 Best Practices for Data Engineers

If you’re a data engineer looking to make the right decisions about data strategies and tools for your organization, watch this webinar where we discuss: Tips for streamlining and operationalizing pipeline development, the benefits of using data streaming instead of batch ingestion, the types of tools to invest in, and the skills to help your organization harness the power of data.

10 Tips to Ensure Your Data Lake Does Now Become A Data Swamp

Many organizations build data lakes with the goal of analyzing their data to make data-driven decisions that improve their profitability or fulfill their corporate mission. However, the reality is many data lakes end up being a great place to cheaply store data but don’t achieve their initial goal due to excess complexity and an inability to conduct simple, fast data analytics. Learn our 10 tips for preventing data swamps.

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