Migrating from Legacy Data Warehouse – A Blueprint for a Successful Journey to Cloud Analytics

Recorded 12/08/2016
Duration: 57 minutes

Learn from leading and award-winning independent developer and publisher of online gaming Telltale as they discuss their migration journey from their legacy data warehouse infrastructure.

What you will learn:

  • How to enable unlimited numbers of users and applications to analyze data without data movement or copying
  • How TellTale went from being unable to analyze diverse data to successfully ingesting and analyzing JSON data
  • How TellTale partners with Snowflake and Unico Solutions to accelerate JSON parsing by 50%
  • How to allow analysts to query across both structured and semi-structured data (like JSON) in one place
  • Nathan West

    Director of Analytics, Telltale

  • Shankar Ramanathan

    Senior Data Management consultant

  • Todd Beauchene