The topic of database DevOps is trending right now and most Snowflake customers or prospects are asking about it, especially those who want to build a modern data platform in the cloud. But actually doing DevOps for a database environment is difficult and has some unique challenges compared with doing DevOps for applications. If you’re struggling to get started with DevOps on Snowflake you’re not alone!

This session will offer an overview of DevOps and highlight the challenges with applying it to databases. It will introduce the approaches and tools used in Database Change Management with Snowflake and include a demo of snowchange integrated with a popular CI/CD tool.

If you want to get started with DevOps on Snowflake this webinar is for you!


  • Brief overview of DevOps
  • The challenges of Database DevOps
  • Database Change Management approaches and tools
  • Demo of snowchange (including its use in a CI/CD pipeline)
  • Sneak-peak of snowchange + dbt
  • Jeremiah Hansen

    Senior Sales Engineer at Snowflake