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Forrester Wave Cloud Data Warehouse

Join Snowflake and guest speaker Jennifer Belissent, PhD for an in-depth discussion about maximising the value of data. Throughout this conversation, we will explore a wide variety of challenges and opportunities facing data-driven organisations today, including:

  • Data literacy and the value of data-literate employees in times of significant change and turmoil
  • Data sharing and how organisations can most easily gain access to important third party data and maximising the value of their own data
  • The continued dominance of the cloud and the increasing complications of a multi-cloud landscape
  • The emergence of the Data Cloud and what it means for data-driven organisations

Things change fast in the world of data, and particularly so in 2020. Don’t miss this important opportunity to stay ahead of the latest trends in data and maximise the value you see from your most precious resource.

  • Jennifer Belissent, Ph.D.

    Principal Analyst, Forrester