Whether you’re building a data application for sales and marketing automation, IoT, application security and health analytics, or machine learning, you need a data platform that scales easily, is fully managed, and lets you focus on development.

Join us for the latest Snowflake Masterclass, a technical deep-dive into the Snowflake Data Cloud. During this session, our technical experts will demonstrate how Snowflake provides builders and developers of data-intensive applications a platform to build solutions that meet the demands of today’s organizations and their customers.

  • Building Data Applications on Snowflake
  • Managing High Concurrency Low Latency

In this session, see how Snowflake customers are pushing the boundaries of high concurrency query workloads with low latency response times.

  • Managing Operations

See how Snowflake customers manage and automate operations to ensure smooth delivery of services including topics such as high availability, disaster recovery, and account creation, among others.

  • Designing Multi-Tenancy: Deep Dive

Designing applications that scale as your customer base grows can be challenging. It’s important to have an efficient tenancy approach that meets compliance needs for both you and your customers. This session will focus on how to implement scalable data applications powered by Snowflake that deliver a great experience to your customers.

  • Live Session with Pure Storage

In this session, Snowflake customer Pure Storage joins us to share insights on architecting their data app with Snowflake, best practices, and the benefits their end users are seeing.

  • Q&A


Don’t miss this 3-hour program to learn tips & tricks from Snowflake experts! 

  • Andy Kashyap

    Pure Storage Principal Architect

  • Daniel Gostrer

    Sales Engineering Manager - Bay Area

  • Mihir Bhojani

    Sr. Sales Engineer - Bay Area

  • Megan Dalton

    Sales Engineer - Bay Area

  • Yash Chechani

    Sales Engineer - Bay Area