In today’s environment, the complexities of cybersecurity risk are often immeasurable and difficult to communicate outside of security teams and peers – or maybe not? Historically, leaders in cybersecurity represent the state of their security programs to company leadership, board of directors and steering committees with consolidated metrics, often relying on ordinal numbers (1-5), high-medium-low, or even colors.

The advances of data platforms and BI coupled with emerging frameworks (e.g. CIS template based on NIST 800-53) have allowed industry leaders to take a different approach, one that allows enterprises to have a closer examination of their own risk management practices and have the ability to “measure anything”.

Join Snowflake’s own VP of Security, Mario Duarte, as we discuss:

  • Why the historical cybersecurity approach might actually create more risk than mitigate it
  • How to apply scientific rigor to decision making and strategy within cybersecurity through a solid approach to quantitative risk analysis
  • What tools are readily available for leaders to take advantage of today
  • Real life examples of innovative security dashboards and visualizations

We are extending this virtual invitation to a select group of industry experts with the goal of having meaningful, action-driven discussion.

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