Jana’s Data Warehousing Story: Then vs. Now

Learn how Jana progressed from struggling with the common pitfalls of managing data, (outgrowing MySQL) to reaping the benefits of ingesting, storing, and processing diverse data quickly and efficiently – by making use of the Cloud.

Jana’s mission is to bring internet access to over a billion people in emerging markets via mobile applications. Already driving more than 3.8 billion MB of app usage, Jana needed a scalable and cost-effective solution to process and analyze that data.

Discover Jana and its Android app, mCent

Snowflake and AWS are helping Jana keep up with the demands of processing and analyzing that rapidly growing stream of data. Using Amazon S3 and the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse, Jana processes and analyzes app usage data in a high-performance, scalable way without the cost and complexity of other solutions. Join us to learn: How Jana made the transition from MySQL to a cloud data warehouse The data pipeline that Jana designed to move data from source to analysts The benefits Jana realized as a result of moving to a cloud infrastructure and data warehouse

Who should attend?

Data scientists and analysts and anyone needing to understand how to make critical data rapidly available – by making use of the cloud.