We are excited to invite you to an exclusive event focused on enhancing your sales approach via Snowflake’s SDR (Sales Development Representative) best practices. This session is designed to enable your sales team to discover and qualify sales opportunities more effectively as we delve into the strategies and tools that can accelerate Snowflake sales success. You’ll gain firsthand knowledge on:

  1. Identifying and targeting the right prospects.
  2. Effective techniques for initial outreach and engagement.
  3. Leveraging tools and data analytics to qualify leads.
  4. Best practices in tracking and nurturing potential opportunities.

This is a great opportunity for you and your team to learn from the best, and apply these tactics to enhance your sales performance.


  • Maxime Fremy

    Team Lead UK - Sales Development

  • Zaid Goussous

    Sales Development Manager

  • Omer Cakmak

    Business Development Leader

  • Sam Collins

    Sales Development Representative

  • Katherin Karafotas

    Business Development Representative

  • Miles Clarke

    Sales Development Representative