The shift to a post-pandemic economy will present new challenges for data professionals and the organisations they work for. For data professionals, that means evolving their own skills, while ensuring their colleagues across the organisation can lift their own data capabilities.

Join our interactive panel of experts as we discuss the role that data professionals will play in building out lean but highly capable data capabilities, and explore the skills they’ll need to navigate the uncertain path ahead.

  • Understand how the role of the data professional will change, from leader to teacher to strategist and beyond.
  • Learn how to nurture data-smart teams across your entire organisation, with the power of Snowflake and Sisense.
  • Understand how to foster a stronger data-driven culture across all layers of your organisation, by leveraging the right technologies and architecture in cloud-native environment.
  • Discover how to unlock more value from your cloud-native analytics, so every individual across your organisation can easily leverage actionable insights to make better, more accurate business decisions.

If you are unable to join the live webinar, please still register as it will be recorded and sent to all registered attendees.

  • Pooyan Asgari

    CDO - Domain

  • Brad Howarth - Moderator

    Technology Researcher, Presenter and Journalist

  • Harry Glaser

    CMO and GM - Sisense

  • Zac Brandt

    General Manager - Snowflake