Businesses today have more data about their customers than ever before. There’s transactional data, demographic data, behavioral data, ad impressions, customer purchase signals, and product usage data, to name a few. Unfortunately, much of this data sits in separate silos across organisations, whose teams use different data analysis tools and technologies that don’t interact.

Centralising and acting on customer data has massive potential, and should be on every organisation’s marketing technology roadmap. But companies struggle to navigate the path between their current state and a future state where their organisation widely uses personalisation, data science, and real-time analytics on top of a complete 360-degree-view of their customers. Although it doesn’t happen overnight, successful companies are moving up a “maturity curve” of these marketing analytics capabilities, and they are using a phased approach to get there.

Join Snowflake’s Tim Fletcher, Senior Director of Solutions Marketing, to understand how your organisation stacks up on the marketing analytics maturity curve, and learn practical tips to help drive you from basic to advanced marketing analytics. 

During the webinar you’ll learn:

  • The phases of the marketing analytics maturity curve 
  • How your organisation stacks up on the marketing analytics maturity curve
  • What initiatives best-in-class organisations are taking on in each phase
  • Example marketing analytics architectures 
  • Practical tips to help you get started


  • Tim Fletcher

    Director, Product Management