Investment firms rely on thousands of data sources to power investment strategies. Most of these data sources are accessed from data feeds and require ingesting, cleaning, governing in order to make this data accessible to analysts. Traditionally this process has been a massive burden on IT teams.

Watch this webinar to learn how data sharing enables large companies to easily consolidate data from across the enterprise, as well as from third-party partners such as Factset, S&P, and others. You’ll learn how Snowflake Data Marketplace’s rich array of alternative data sources enables investment professionals to differentiate their investment strategies. Finally you’ll hear from our customer, Causeway Capital Management, about how they powered investment decisions with the Data Cloud and the benefits that they have realized. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Learn how data sharing empowers companies to make informed decisions based on consolidated data from internal and external sources
  • Discover how Snowflake Data Marketplace provides an easy win for investment professionals who are always looking for new data sources
  • Hear from Snowflake customer, Pete Petersen, CTO/CISO of Causeway Capital Management, on how they power investment decisions with the Data Cloud and the benefits that they have realized
  • Matt Glickman

    Snowflake VP Strategy, Financial Services

  • Pete Petersen

    CTO/CISO, Causeway Capital Management

  • Vernon Tan

    Global Lead, Industry Sales Engineering

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