Join Ilan Zaitoun, CTO and Co-Founder of, a Snowflake Elite Partner, on November 24th for a brand-new webinar aimed at data leaders that want to improve and expand their data lake capabilities.

The session will focus on the key steps to simplify the process of building a data lake. Whether you are moving your data lake into the cloud or need to create a new data lake for your organisation, the webinar will give you a step by step technical overview.

We Will Discuss: 

  • Data Lake: Definition, Concept Overview & Goals
  • Guiding principles for choosing the right technology stack
  • End to End Data Lake implementation:
    • Loading Internal sources and NoSQL, including CDC
    • Loading cloud sources: Marketing channels API’s, SaaS applications
    • Streaming (Confluent)
    • Overview of data marketplace
  • Cost Monitoring & Management (Snowly)
  • Data Governance: security, masking etc.

While the term ‘Data Lake’ used to be synonymous with a lengthy and resource-heavy process that would cost organizations millions of dollars, cloud technologies have completely changed the rules of the game.

*The webinar will be delivered in English

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  • Ilan Zaitoun

    CTO and Co-Founder,