Thermomix set out to achieve a step-change in how they equipped their network of consultant partners for success. Empowering the network with data that could drive better coaching, targeted activities and successful outcomes would mean harnessing Salesforce and Snowflake together. With insights powered by Precisely through the Snowflake Data Marketplace, Thermomix delivered intelligence to every user through Salesforce Einstein Analytics and made coaching a seamless digital experience.

Join Thermomix, Lightfold and Snowflake for the 45-minute session + Q&A

Join this session to learn:

  • How Thermomix connected the dots between what they know and what they do
  • Why Snowflake was so important to the Salesforce journey
  • How the Snowflake Marketplace and Precisely delivered a whole new level of customer insight
  • How the use of Snowflake has grown and evolved
  • What’s next for Thermomix in their data journey
In Partnership With

  • Mark Balding

    Group Manager - Business Transformation, Thermomix

  • John Cosgrove

    CEO, Lightfold

  • Luke McDermott

    Sales Engineer, Snowflake