For Square, acquiring, retaining, and growing its sellers is the key to business success. For Square’s data science team, this means deploying AI and machine learning models to better personalize the entire customer journey of Square’s sellers. The team is focused on two areas: (1) better understanding the intent, behavior, and value of their sellers, and (2) providing recommendations that optimize each communication channel with sellers and personalize the sellers’ customer journey. In this session, learn from the Square team how to:

  • Structure your data team’s roles to get the most out of your data science investments
  • Invest in a tech stack that breaks down data silos 
  • Unlock all your data assets to improve the customer journey and grow your business
  • Ganesh Subramanian

    Director, Product Marketing, Snowflake

  • Fan Zhang

    Data Science Lead, Square

  • Deeksha Chugh

    Machine Learning Engineering Manager, Growth, Square