Rakuten, one of the largest loyalty programs in the US, has a mission to enable its employees to derive insights from company data faster, with more security, governance, and agility, while leveraging the speed and scalability of the cloud. It needed to modernize its data architecture to alleviate business disruptions caused by the physical limitations of their on-premises Hadoop cluster. 

Join Rakuten’s VP of Analytics, Mark Stange-Tregear, as he discusses Rakuten’s migration to Snowflake. Hear how Snowflake automatically optimizes Rakuten’s analytical workloads. In addition, learn how Snowflake and AtScale combine to deliver data agility and lightning fast query performance on a cloud database built for scalability.

This live customer webinar and Q&A session will cover how Rakuten:

  • Migrated to Snowflake with no business or data service disruption
  • Uses AtScale for resource-saving autonomous data engineering and auto-tuned query optimization
  • Applies Snowflake’s elastic and scalable resource model to maintain responsive data analysis during peak demand periods
  • Mark Stange-Tregear

    VP of Analytics, Rakuten

  • Matt Baird

    Co-founder & CTO, AtScale

  • Jeannie Liou

    Product Marketing Manager, Snowflake