From our morning podcasts app to the food delivery applications that ensure we get lunch while working from home, everything we do on a day to day basis now revolves around one or more ML infused applications, also known as intelligent applications. While ideally every app was an intelligent one in order to provide users with personalized experiences, not every product organization can meet the ongoing complexities from growing volumes of data or the challenges around infusing ML in a scalable fashion. 

Join Snowflake’s Head of AI/ML Strategy, Ahmad Khan, to learn more about top trends in data and AI that are shaping the future of applications. 

You will learn:

  • Why you need ML embedded in your apps and options to accelerate time to value
  • What are the most commonly faced challenges in feature engineering and model deployment
  • What Snowflake offers to app developers to address foundational data requirements for ML
  • Ahmad Khan

    Head of AI/ML Strategy at Snowflake