*Please note this webinar is in Hebrew*

Successful cybersecurity companies know how to use data and analytics to delight their customers. In the past, startups had to rely on self-managed open source databases to power their applications but the overhead of scaling these as the business grew meant diverting engineering resources and dealing with customer-facing performance issues. 

Snowflake Data Cloud represents an exciting opportunity to start small with a fully managed data platform that scales to the petabytes with zero overhead. The Data Cloud’s virtually unlimited power and its consumption-based model means happy customers and big savings. In addition, Snowflake has a fast-growing customer base of over 4,000 businesses that are increasingly adopting it as a Security Data Lake and offer a GTM opportunity for any solution that runs on Snowflake. 

On April 12, join Snowflake Head of Cybersecurity Strategy Omer Singer, and anecdotes CEO Yair Kuznitsov to learn about: 

  • How Snowflake powers SaaS products like Instacart and Blackrock’s Aladdin
  • Why anecdotes chose to build its cybersecurity solution on Snowflake
  • The new way in which your data platform can drive business growth
  • Omer Singer

    Head of Cyber Security Strategy at Snowflake

  • Yair Kuznitsov

    Co-Founder & CEO at anecdotes