Every day millions of consumers need care from doctors and hospitals. Healthgrades uses Snowflake to help consumers and healthcare providers make meaningful connections through the Healthgrades.com provider listings site and its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) omnichannel marketing campaign platform.

Join Brian Stockmoe, VP of Systems Engineering & Analytics, and Jason Stitt, Principal Engineer at Healthgrades, to learn how Healthgrades uses Snowflake to power its best-in-class, cloud-based CRM platform, providing real-time data insights to its healthcare partners to enhance campaign effectiveness and drive more meaningful engagement with consumers. 

This live webinar and Q&A session will cover:

  • Why Healthgrades selected Snowflake as its cloud data platform
  • How it uses consumer data to help its healthcare clients maximize their marketing ROI
  • How Snowflake enables Healthgrades to provide clients real-time feedback on campaign effectiveness
  • How Snowflake’s access controls and secure data sharing meet HIPAA requirements for protecting and exchanging sensitive data with internal data consumers
  • Brian Stockmoe

    VP of Systems Engineering & Analytics, Healthgrades

  • Jason Stitt

    Principal Engineer, Healthgrades

  • Todd Crosslin

    VP of Healthcare Strategy, Snowflake