Duration: 21 minutes

Gartner has stated that over 70% of new DBMS deployments will leverage cloud by 2017.

What’s driving organizations to choose cloud for data processing, and what do organizations need to know to make the right decisions about where and how to use cloud?

In this video, hear trusted advisors from Gartner and Snowflake Computing dispel myths and share insights on data warehousing and data management in the cloud.

Gartner Research director Adam Ronthal and Snowflake Computing vice president Jon Bock will discuss key cloud topics including data management, governance, and security.

  • What are organizations doing differently with cloud to support data processing?
  • What use cases make a great fit for the cloud? and what has Snowflake done to take full advantage of the cloud?
  • You’ll hear answers to those questions and more.
  • Adam M. Ronthal

    Research Director, Gartner

  • Jon Bock

    VP of Product Marketing, Snowflake Computing