“We had massive queries that used to take us 3-days to complete in our legacy environment. Using Snowflake and Qlik we can now complete those same queries in under 3-minutes”

Hanif Vallani, Manager Data Systems at YVR.


Join us for a 60 min fireside chat to hear why YVR chose Snowflake and Qlik to power a world-class analytics system.   The purpose of this event is to share solutions to Big Data Problems and provide an open forum where you can ask questions and network with other data professionals.

The technology team at YVR recently developed an aspirational business and data architecture model to support key business drivers and enable critical operational decisions. After investigating various providers and solutions in this space it was no question that Snowflake’s architecture and principles most strongly aligned to the data-driven objectives of YVR airport. Learn why we chose to adopt the Cloud-Data Platform built for the next generation.

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Topics at a Glance:

  • Introductions
  • The Vancouver International Airport Data Hub
  • The Power and Value of Snowflake
  • The flexibility and Coverage of Qlik
  • Making it Snow – The How-to Guide behind YVR Success
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