More than ever, today’s challenges require decisions to be made based on data. In these quickly changing times, businesses need to be able to make accurate, data-driven decisions in minutes, not hours or days. The potential value of data within organisations is well known, but in the new environment, the ability to collaborate on and share data is also a competitive differentiator.

Leveraging the COVID-19 data set from Snowflake Data Marketplace paired with ThoughtSpot’s Search & AI-driven analytics platform, and Fivetran’s smart data collection, we’ll be demonstrating the following:

  • How to automate the data integration from any data source into the data warehouse component of Snowflake with Fivetran
  • How to connect and query live data in Snowflake with ThoughtSpot
  • Why search & AI-driven analytics enables anyone to get instant answers from all your customer data
  • How to reduce the complexity normally associated with combining multiple data sources
  • How to make data-driven decisions to strengthen business continuity


In partnership with:

  • Duncan Turnbull

    Partner Solutions Engineer, Snowflake

  • Paul Froggatt

    Sales Engineer EMEA, Thoughtspot

  • Elesh Mistry

    Senior Sales Engineer, Fivetran