You’ve heard of the infrastructure cloud provided by AWS, Azure, and GCP because it has revolutionised the way organisations run the servers and tools that power their business. You’ve heard of the application cloud provided by companies such as Salesforce, Workday, and ServiceNow that’s brought the “front office” to the cloud. 

As the adoption of both the infrastructure and application clouds has accelerated, businesses have been left with massive amounts of data spread across multiple different systems and cloud provider platforms. This has left them looking for a technology that enables them to un-silo, govern, and secure all of this private data and manage rapidly growing data workloads in the cloud. Snowflake Cloud Data Platform is the technology that meets these needs by enabling the Data Cloud.

Attend this webinar to see the drivers behind the Data Cloud, and take an in-depth look into the innovations that Snowflake has made to enable it. You’ll see:

  • How Snowflake’s unique architecture uniquely supports the integrations and distributed workloads required of the Data Cloud
  • What the future holds for the Data Cloud
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  • Ross Perez

    Senior EMEA Marketing Director, Snowflake

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