Join our experts to learn how enterprises use Snowflake and Informatica to modernise their data warehouse environments, ingest data from multiple sources, eliminate data silos, and analyse data to make trusted data-driven decisions.

We will take you through the different steps in the journey towards transformational business outcomes that include the ability to reduce risk, increase privacy and protection, and govern their data properly.

In this session we will:

  • Discuss the benefits of a cloud data warehouse strategy including time to value, lower costs and elimination of data silos
  • Lay out the most common use cases and steps to successfully embark on a journey to cloud data warehousing on Snowflake using Informatica
  • Demonstrate some of the Snowflake-specific features available on Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services solution that leverage some of the key benefits from Snowflake
  • Review innovative customer use cases and examples, demonstrating how the combination of Informatica and Snowflake enabled them to very quickly achieve and even exceed their business objectives

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