Supply chain efficiency is next to impossible without granular insights into supply chain operations. Despite significant investments in data management and analytics in recent years, getting these insights has proved to be an elusive goal for retailers, consumer packaged goods (CPG) suppliers, and shipping partners alike. 

Simply collecting vast amounts of data from supply chain operations is not enough. Enabling faster, smarter decision-making means embedding analytics in every step of the supply chain and tightly integrating with partners to create new opportunities to unlock value.

Learn how Snowflake strengthens partnerships and enables faster, fact-based decision-making in every step of the supply chain.

We cover: 

  • The importance of integrating data and analytics in the supply chain lifecycle
  • The value of using Snowflake’s cloud data platform as a single source of truth that powers supply chain analytics
  • How seamless, real-time data sharing accelerates operational and data collaboration for greater efficiency
  • Christina Jimenez

    Senior Product Marketing Manager

  • Rosemary Hua

    Head of Retail Strategy

  • Erik Mitchell

    Founder & Principal Consultant, Seek Data