Learn how to significantly reduce your Information Management costs and unlock the power of your data.

Anyone who has dealt with an Enterprise Data Warehouse understands both the expense and the pain of managing and interacting with them. Loading, validating and managing data in an ever-changing business environment is an ongoing, yet specialized and complex task. This means that it is costly, frustrating, and laborious for both the business and IT, however, there is another way.

Data Vault 2.0 is a unique approach of data warehousing & Big Data that was created from the ground up to deal with the real-world data challenges that most businesses are facing today. DV 2.0 delivers an unprecedented reduction in Total Cost Ownership through its ability to adapt to change without reengineering and through the latest in automation, providing greatly enhanced operational agility, and traceable data governance.

Join Snowflake and Certus in this 1-hour webinar to look into the world of Data Vault Modeling on Snowflake with Certus.

Wednesday, 10th July

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