BrtyeFlow with Snowflake is at the forefront of the self-service data revolution in Cloud Data Warehousing.

At the webinar you will be able to learn why:

No coding. No waiting. Data to dashboard in minutes.
BryteFlow seamlessly automates data integration on Snowflake from Oracle, SQL Server and other sources, with a self-service / no coding GUI. All it needs is a few clicks to kick start the data integration process. And you can start getting data insights in minutes.

Retrieve data from any point
BryteFlow continually replicates data to Snowflake in real-time, with type 2 history, through log-based Change Data Capture.

High quality, verified, current data
Data is continually reconciled with source data so every change on the source data is reflected onto the Snowflake database in real-time.

Replicate huge volumes of data from Oracle and SQL Server to Snowflake in minutes
BryteFlow Ingest is BryteFlow’s flagship data replication tool. To handle especially large petabytes of data from Oracle, SQL Server and other sources (typically tables over 50GB), we have our heavy hitter BryteFlow XL Ingest. Using smart partitioning and compression, XL Ingest replicates data to Snowflake at super-fast speeds.