As more and more companies move from on-premise to the cloud, Snowflake is taking the opportunity to answer the questions that are on everyone’s mind:

  • Just how secure is your data in the cloud?
  • How does Snowflake Cloud Data Platform enable my organisation to comply with local data laws?
  • How do you balance security with accessibility?

Modern data security isn’t just a priority – it’s THE priority. Security was baked into Snowflake’s Cloud Data Platform from the very beginning. More than 2000 customers now enjoy security measures that exceed the capabilities of on-premise or other cloud-based solutions, letting them focus on analysing data, not protecting it, regardless of cloud or region. Powerful encryption of data, both in transit and at rest, gives customers total peace of mind – however, in this fast-changing environment, there’s always more to learn…

This informative series of 4 webinars will be hosted by Snowflake’s in-house data security experts, covering the following topics:

How to Keep Your Data Secure in the Cloud

During this webinar, we will discuss our recommendations on how to keep your organisation’s data secure and how collaborating with trusted third-parties creates a powerful security ecosystem you can rely on.

16 July, 2PM – 2.45PM BST | 3PM – 3.45PM CEST

Data Sovereignty and How to Keep Your Data Compliant

One question comes up repeatedly: How does Snowflake Cloud Data Platform enable my organisation to comply with local data laws? Unfortunately, many traditional data warehouses require security to be home-built and cobbled together with services outside of the core offering. Register for this webinar to learn how industry-best security has been fundamental to the architecture, implementation, and operation of Snowflake Cloud Data Platform since day one.

30 July, 3PM – 3.45PM BST | 4PM – 4.45PM CEST

Encryption Key Management and Role-Based Access Control

Data encryption is one of the pillars of service offerings in the cloud. Customers require that their data be fully encrypted using latest security standards. Your organisation also needs to consider protecting its data from inappropriate access and tampering to maintain regulatory compliance. Join us in this webinar to learn how to safeguard your organisation’s data with recommended security design strategies. 

13 August, 2PM – 3PM BST | 3PM – 4PM CEST

Sharing Data Securely

Every company collects, analyses, and shares massive amounts of data internally or with business partners. But many companies share data using outdated methods such as CSV file transfer, and data is stale as soon as it arrives at its destination. For the data to be impactful and accurate, it needs to be shared in real-time. In this webinar, we’ll discuss what data sharing is and why it matters.

27 August, 2PM – 2.45PM BST | 3PM – 3.45PM CEST