Retail and investment banks are using data to keep pace with the changing expectations of their clients. But many organisations don’t achieve the potential of their data despite making significant investments in data management and analytics capabilities. The responsibility of safeguarding customer privacy, protecting against risks, and maintaining regulatory compliance complicates initiatives that rely on data to improve service and product offerings, support operational efficiency, and gain deeper client, market and business insights. 

Snowflake would like to invite you to join our upcoming executive roundtable with leading experts in retail and investment banking. During this 90-minute session, industry experts and a Snowflake customer will provide examples of how you can leverage the Data Cloud to:


  • Ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate operational risks
    • Cross-region and cross-cloud business continuity / disaster recovery
    • Cloud exit strategy, portability and flexibility
    • Improve regulatory and business critical scenario analysis, reporting frequency and accuracy
    • Data governance, security and single source of truth


  • Leverage data assets to boost profitability
    • Deliver personalised, omni-channel customer interactions and experiences
    • Advanced analytics to make better business decisions (ie tailor pricing and credit assessment engines, identify investment opportunities, analyse and predict future trends)
    • Build and enhance internal and customer facing applications 
    • Reduce cost and implement automation and digitisation strategies


  • Empower your organisation with Data Exchange and Marketplace
    • Tap into an extending data marketplace to enrich your insights
    • Drive data collaboration across departments, regions and clouds 
    • Create a fully governed and secure centralised data hub to make data discoverable and accessible 
    • Create new data monetisation strategies and products


If you’re unable to join the live roundtable, register to receive a recording that you can watch at your leisure.