Complying with local data regulations such as GDPR or the Patriot Act continues to be a challenge for organisations. Although organisations control many compliance activities, its IT vendors should help satisfy their customers’ compliance requirements. At a minimum, an organisation’s SaaS vendors should satisfy the security requirements that wholly reside in their domain but impact their customer’s business and data security. 

One question comes up repeatedly: How does Snowflake Cloud Data Platform enable my organisation to comply with local data laws? Unfortunately, many traditional data warehouses require security to be home-built and cobbled together with services outside of the core offering. What’s more, they may not even enable encryption out of the box. This is where Snowflake is different. Snowflake was built to ensure stringent security as a key feature of the service.

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  • Mario Duarte

    VP Security, Snowflake

  • Anthony Schneider

    Solutions Engineer, Snowflake