It seems that the last few weeks of our lives have been nothing but anomalies. As COVID-19 affects every aspect of our business, we need to understand what’s changed, how it’s changed, and what we should do next. Data science can give you that understanding.

In this webinar we’ll cover:

  • The difference between business intelligence and data science
  • How to use data science to identify anomalies in your data
  • How to turn those insights into business value
  • A demonstration of how it all works

Taylor McCaslin, Data Science Product Manager, will share his experience turning business intelligence into action using Snowflake data warehouses and Zepl’s modern data science platform. His experience spans across a number of enterprise scale, hyper growth tech companies including WP Engine, Duo Security, Cisco, Yonder, and GitLab.

David Marino, Director of Sales and Alliances with SSIT:  David has over 20+ years experience in data warehousing, business intelligence, and AI.  His experience spans both enterprise-scale tech companies such companies as Teradata and Oracle as well as startups like Composite Software (Cisco), and nLayers (EMC).

Zack Shainsky, Solution Engineer for Zepl, will demonstrate how to use Zepl’s data science platform for anomaly detection on a live Snowflake data set.

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