Join our live webinar to learn how to accelerate your analytics with Snowflake and Dataiku.

With Snowflake and Dataiku, data scientists have access to all of the data in the Snowflake data platform at all times. Snowflake’s unique architecture offers instantly scalable compute to data scientists that doesn’t impact other enterprise workloads. This approach enables users to leverage Dataiku’s DSS platform to prepare, model, productionise, manage model lifecycle, visualise and collaborate on the results.

Live Webinar Includes:

  • Introduction to Snowflake data platform
  • How Snowflake enables data scientists to access data and compute without impacting other workloads
  • How can Snowflake customers make best use of existing infrastructure with DSS
  • Unique capabilities of working with DSS and Dataiku together
  • An end-to-end fraud business case demonstrating DSS and Snowflake integration

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