Today, every business is striving towards harnessing the power of data to gain an advantage over their competitors and grow their market share. On-boarding  external data sets and making it available to different departments internally as well as sharing it with suppliers, business partners, and customers is a complex and resource intensive process with traditional means of data sharing.
In this session, we’ll deep dive into how Snowflake Data marketplace and Data Exchange can empower you to:
  • Reduce Costs, Eliminate Delays, Democratize Data Access
  • Unlock New Business Insights
  • Strengthen Business Relationships with partners and suppliers
  • Monetise your data and create new revenue streams for the business

You will also see the two capabilities in action and we will showcase:


  • Discover external data sets
  • Quickly onboard data sets with a few clicks without any file movement
  • Governance and Controls for Data Providers, Consumers and Administrators
  • As a Data Provider – Publishing a data set
  • As a Data Consumer – Discover and acquire a data set
  • Establish a Secure and Live Data share.